Being in the beauty industry since Amy Lee was 17 years old she knows a lot about what it takes to look good and the tools you need to use to do so.

Amy has great experience working with beauty brands and products such as Cosmetics, Eye lashes, Hair Extensions, Teeth Whitening kits, Skin care and Cosmetic procedures.

She takes very good care of her skin and it shows in her photographs with flawless skin without editing.

Makeup brands she has worked with have been very happy with results because not only does Amy Lee have a beautiful face but she knows how to be expressive with her eyes which shines through in the images.

Amy Lee has also worked with teeth whitening companies through social media promotions. She made a video of the process of whitening her teeth and the great results she had afterwards. This is something she uses as part of her beauty regimen it keeps her image authentic and relatable to others.
She had great feedback and interaction on these posts on her social platforms.